We uploaded some great tutorial videos on Youtube to teach our visitors how to get free  zynga poker chips/gold easily.

As you know our sofware is the easiest one on the internet now. We don't recommend using those scams all over the Youtube, because they don't have a proof, they just show the users an interface of a scam software and then they expect to be sucessful. We give you a great proof in our tutorial video. We are not only giving you the proof, but also teaching you how to hack zynga poker with our tool.

We'll create an another page full of tutorials. Before posting our videos, let us tell you with our articles. Some people prefer writing more than visuality.

Get Free Zynga Poker Chips Today

Does it sound funny? But it's true. You can fill your account with free zynga poker chips right now. If you haven't still heard of our software, you may find it funny.

Fusion Zynga poker hack tool gives you that opportunity, thus you can easily get unlimited chips. Of course we don't recommend adding 1 billion chips suddenly, this action will surely take Zynga's attention and you will probably get banned. You should use it normally. That means; you can get 100.000 chips in one hand, this situation won't look abnormal. But if 1 billion chips suddenly drops on your account, this might seem awkward.

As you know, Zynga sells those chips for real money. Fortunately, this is just a Facebook application, so we can get free zynga poker chips whenever we want to, with a simple trick. Let's try to understand the basics of Zynga poker hack.

Your friends can send you really little amounts of chips. Also, you have a daily limit. You can not get more than what Zynga allows you to get. Our hack tool is really handy for this prevention; it rises up your daily limit to infinite and uses our sources to send you chips. Whenever, we send you chips, our source earns chips as well. So as long as our user count rises, our chips amount rises as well. That means, we can always grant you free zynga poker chips with your help. So keep using our software!

Make the Most of Zynga Poker Hack

We think you are here for one purpose; you are looking for a safe and quality Zynga Poker Hack. This is your lucky day because you just found the best tool. We wouldn't like to over-promote our software but you must have searched the internet, there is no tool to fulfill your wants and needs. Hope you enjoy your unlimited chips.

How to Use Zynga Poker Hack Tool

As we mentioned in our article, you must have Fusion Zynga Poker Hack Tool downloaded. You can download it for free.

It is really easy to use our program, because we did our best to simplify it to provide you the best service. First of all, you need to know, you must complete a simple survey in order to download our tool. Please read our explanation about that in the download page. After the survey is completed, you are free to get it in your computer in no time.

Actually you don't have a tutorial to learn how to hack zynga poker with our tool, but we'd like to clarify all of the doubts about it. Our software doesn't steal anything from Zynga, it doesn't use any of your private information, doesn't require any permission to use your privacy, all it does is; depositing the desired amount in your account. As long as our users prefer to use Fusion Zynga Poker Hack Tool, our chip source gets richer and we get stronger. This means; you'll get your chips at everytime you attempt to add more. Since we are new, there might be some delays, but they are ignorable.

Let's see how to use zynga poker hack tool. If you have service pack 3 loaded, you won't receive any problems. There might be some difficulties on service pack 1 for windows, but keep trying. You'll receive your chips after a few tries.

Why do we need to complete a survey to get access of the downloads?

Server costs is very high due to the high traffic we get. The revenue earned from the surveys allow us to pay for the cost and continue creating/updating hacking programs for you guys to use. If you don’t want to complete the survey, you can buy premium account credits at FileIce which unlocks the download also.

I completed the survey, but it doesn’t unlock?

Try clearing all your cookies with CCleaner. Then create a new email address to use with GMail.com and try the survey again using the new email address. Also make sure you’re not using fake information, as the surveys have ways to detect it. Also mobile/cellphones offers are the easiest to complete and goes through all the time.

How to Get Free Chips/Gold On Zynga Poker

First of all, run Fusion Zynga Poker Hack Tool. You can download it below

Run Fusion Zynga Poker Hack Tool
Type in your poker email that you would like to add chips/gold to.
Click "Validate"
Add the desired amount of chips/gold
Click "Generate"
Check your account and you will have your chips (NOTE: There is a 5-10 minute delay you might need to wait until u receive your chips)